Full Anatomy Crowns

As the name stands – Full anatomy crown is a dental restoration that is able to fully restore the anatomy and functionality of a natural tooth. Material selection can vary but the main features of the tooth should always be met: strength, durability, aesthetic in shape and shade. Being digitally designed and produced on our cad cam, you can be sure that the shape and structure will be seamlessly blended with the rest of the teeth (except the full metal crowns which in final form have a metal shine). If the choice comes to any of the crowns from this section be sure that they will be a quality restoration worth of every praise. Non-precious to high noble alloys, Lithium Disilicate, full Zirconia crowns (translucent or Zolid) the options are very recognizable and reliable designed special to meet the features of each and every patients mouth individually.

Lithium Disilicate solid
High-Translucent Zirconia
Zircon Zolid
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