Our Digital products

With the help of CAD software nowadays we are transferring all our procedures to be fully digitally designed and manufactured.

We offer a big range of digitally made products in the highest possible quality available on the market. High Definition 3D printed models in resin, 3D printed metal frameworks for porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges, computer aided designed crowns (CAD crowns) possible to mill in every dental material (Zirconia, Lithium Di-Silicate, Metal, Acrylic).

Besides those products we offer a variety of convenient services you can do with our lab as well: converting analog (conventional stone/plaster models into digital files, creating .stl files – possible to read with any Cad-Cam machine software, ready to be milled in lab or in the clinic. We also give service of manufacturing surgical guides which will be designed in collaboration with our partner ANPA Medical fully licensed for the service.

Covering all possible protocols we can help you get your restoration in fastest possible time.

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