IAS Inman Aligner

Middle East Dental Laboratory is a certified Inman Aligner Laboratory. The Inman Aligner can be used to straighten front teeth quickly, safely and predictably. Whether it’s a standalone treatment or prior to further cosmetic dentistry, patients and dentists love the speed of treatment. As the certified IAS Inman Aligner Laboratory we support course in the region and we recomend you to visit www.iasortho.com to find a course in your area.Take the highly recommended hands-on course in an area near you, or take the online course and get started right away. Certified providers can access free online support, revision courses, marketing materials, downloads and the Spacewize crowding calculator.

  • Quick treatment 6-18 weeks
  • Outstanding results with one appliance
  • Increase case acceptance and patient satisfaction
  • Ideal to align crowded or protruding anterior teeth
  • Great standalone treatment or before restorative treatment

If you want to know more please visit www.iasortho.com

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