Smile Design

As the technology grows we offer more and more solutions for your patients.
Our Smile Design protocol is an approach in treatment where the patient is being presented with final mouth rehabilitation outcome giving him an option to give his “personal touch” to the shape and shade of the teeth to a certain extent. wax-up-new

Technician and Dentist are teaming up their knowledge and skills in order to deliver the optimum result for each and every patient. 3D printed digital wax up or imaging showing the patient the expected result. Our smile design is based on CAD/CAM technologies and taking into account all possible complications as occlusion and more. This is an area where many “Smile Designs” fail as they tend to give promises that later cannot be achieved and the patient will be unsatisfied with the end result.  

We offer two options in Smile Design/imaging One with impression/digital scan and one with only images.
Below you can see what images we need from you for the two different options. Please send your images to

With impressions/digital scan


Without impression


Want to know more about our aesthetic products? Give us a call or email us, we will be happy to come to your clinic and show you how we can help you grow your business.Download our customize your MDent smile guide

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